We are PASSIONATE about our community and providing those less fortunate with as many resources as we can possibly give. Every week, CFC serves our neighbors 15 to 20 food boxes filled from our pantry shelves....that's A LOT of food!

How are our shelves stocked? We're GLAD you asked:) Our CFC Food Pantry is stocked and supplied by the GENEROUS donations of our congregation both by actual grocery shopping AND financial contribution. How can YOU help? We ALWAYS welcome non-perishable food items anytime during our business feel free to pick up an EXTRA bag of groceries when you're at the store and bring them by the church Monday through Thursday between the hours of 830 am and 430 pm...and OF COURSE on Sunday morning:)

Wanna get involved with the CFC Food Pantry? Click HERE!

THANK YOU for helping us be a GOOD NEIGHBOR!


- Canned fruit

- Juice (100 % Fruit)

- Jelly/peanut butter

- Hamburger/tuna helper

- Muffin or biscuit mix

- Instant potatoes

- Flavored rice/pasta

- Macaroni & cheese

- Canned beans (pork’n or baked)

- Jell - O or pudding

- Canned veggies

- Canned pasta

- Evaporated milk

- Cereal and instant oatmeal

- Pancake mix and syrup

- Canned Cannellini Beans

- (White kidney Bean)

- White rice

- Plain pasta

- Crackers

- Toilet paper

- Canned Soups (low sodium)

- Canned Chicken