Cornerstone Ministerial Association International (CMAI) began in 2002. It was formed out of the desire of Pastor Dan Berry of Cornerstone Family Church (CFC) in Des Moines, Iowa to minister to those ministers who considered him their pastor. The invitation to join CMAI was extended to a group of pastors, missionaries, CFC staff ministers, congregational members who carried credentials with other organizations and certain congregational members with a heart towards a “five fold ministry” calling.

During the first four years of existence these charter members of CMAI engaged in a series of annual and seasonal meetings. Members enjoyed one another’s fellowship and heard their Pastor’s heart and wisdom in regards to the things a man or woman of God needs for effective and enduring leadership in ministry. A key value was established, “to learn to love people more than ones own ministry.”

In these years, some stepped into senior positions in other churches, planted churches, while others became missionaries. Pastor Dan taught about the vocational call to ministry. His teachings helped members sort out their callings. As a result, some members determined they were not called to a vocational ministry and chose not to renew their licensing under CMAI. They realized that licensing served no function in their particular calling in the body of Christ.

2006 was a year of transition for CMAI in this regard. The leadership of CMAI determined to define a more complete and specific basis for Ordination and Licensing of Ministers that is defined in this manual and within New Testament principles. This structure is meant to more fully focus on Pastors Dan and Anne Berry’s original intent and purpose for CMAI, “to encourage, equip and provide a biblical example of leadership to people who are called to an equipping and perfecting ministry in the church of Jesus Christ.”



Session 1 (Pastor Rod Dooley): Click HERE for MP3

Session 2 (Pastor Toran C. Smith): Click HERE for MP3

Session 3 (Jordan Prihoda): Click HERE for MP3

Session 4 (David McBride): Click HERE for MP3


    Session One: 'Under Our Skin'

    Subject: Getting Real About Race Application: Building Bridges From Hatred To Love


    Session Two: 'Under Our Nerves'

    Subject: Living In A Twisted Culture

    Application: Building Bridges From Tolerance To Love


    Session Three: ‘Under Our Age’

    Subject: Reaching Millennials

    Application: Building Bridges Between Young And Old


    Session Four: ‘Under Our Watch’

    Subject: Prayer In The Last Days

    Application: Building Bridges Between Heaven And Earth