Over the next 6 weeks (deadline is Sunday, July 2nd), we will be transitioning our giving platform from Easytithe to Subsplash. We are asking that all those who contribute financially/electronically to CFC also transition their giving from Easytithe to Subsplash. If you give on a manual or one at a time basis...then you can simply download the app (iamcornerstonedsm) and set up your new Subsplash giving account and you'll be ready to roll whenever you give...just select the dollar amount...the fund you wish to give TO...and you're good to go. Please see below for some helpful tips on transitioning your recurring/scheduled gifts:

1. Log on to your current Easytithe account and delete any and all SCHEDULED giving occurrences (tithe, offering, missions, building, etc.).

2. Download the iamcornerstonedsm app on your tablet or smartphone.

3. Set up your Subsplash giving info (you can link through your credit/debit card OR straight to your checking account using your routing number).

4. Set up what dates you prefer for giving occurrences. You'll receive confirmation once this is done.

Need help transitioning? Contact ASAP and we'll get you squared away:)

Between now and July 2nd, please feel free to click the below "CLICK HERE TO GIVE ONLINE" button and continue to use Easytithe; however, we DO encourage you to transition sooner than later so you don't forget:)

In the event you are not able to download the iamcornerstonedsm may click HERE and set up your Subsplash giving account set up a giving schedule OR continue manual (one time) contributions.


Register for classes, update your personal and family information, register and pay for events, find volunteer opportunities, receive your giving statements, and so much more...

Click HERE to access your account.

Once you have clicked the link above...if you don't have a log in, click on "Need a login" on that page....then you're free to update, register...the world is YOURS:)


You can give via your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) in one of two ways:

-Mobile website

-Text your donation to: 515-212-2644. This takes about 90 seconds to set up. Text $ amount (EX. $10 Tithe or $20 Offering), you'll get a short form to complete. Send back with your info. Once you receive confirmation're all set!

Still need help? Contact