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Click HERE to access your account and your 2016 Giving Statement.

Once you have clicked the link above...if you don't have a log in, click on "Need a login" on that page....then you're free to update, register...the world is YOURS:)


We believe in the 3 T's...our TIME, TALENT and TREASURE. We serve with our time as well as our God given talents...but when we give our treasure...that's where God can REALLY move on our behalf! We're never more like God than when we give. When we make a decision to be generous, we find out that He refuses to be out-given!


You can give via your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) in one of two ways:

-Mobile website

-Text your donation to: 515-212-2644. This takes about 90 seconds to set up. Text $ amount (EX. $10 Tithe or $20 Offering), you'll get a short form to complete. Send back with your info. Once you receive confirmation're all set!

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