Every last Wednesday of the month, our Cornerstone Family meets in prayer to dedicate the church into God's hands for the following month. During each month, we also focus on one CFC core value and spend time in growing ourselves into that value.

Thank you for joining us this month as we embrace praying with our families and friends around the world for Cornerstone Family Church’s core values.

Come join CFC’s staff, members, students, children and supporters in prayer for CFC’s core values and God’s plan for our church, community, country and world.


Join with us as we pray as a family to hear from God for His direction. We want to represent the values of Jesus Christ in all we do.

Date : Every Last Wednesday Time: 7PM

Why we should pray

for the church? 

  • Jesus taught us to pray
  • The Lord’s Prayer is our road map. Read Matthew 6: 5-14 HERE!
  • God’s word – man should always pray and Pray without  ceasing
  • I Thessalonians 5:17
  • No amount of work exceeds the amount of prayer that goes before it


Over the next year and a half – we will focus on each of our CORE VALUES. We are asking CFC families, missionaries, friends and supporters to partner with us in prayer - to pray over one core value each month. We will also provide scripture reading, opportunities to take action, worship music recommendations to accompany your prayer time and avenues to share your experiences during the month (pictures, testimonies, etc.).




Before praying for the core value of the month, consider reading these scriptures that represent what this core value means to us. 

List of Scriptures “Beautiful Words” 

  • Galatians 5:13 
  • Matthew 22:34-40
  • Mark 3:1-5
  • Matthew 15:21-28

(Scriptures are Added Weekly)


The prayer points below note the areas that we need revival in for the core value. Feel free to add your own prayer points as well as you use these. 

  • Pray that we be able to serve one another in our CFC family 
  • Pray for young people/students to start serving in God's house
  • Pray for our CFC Local Outreach
  • Pray for our Hotdog Ministry


Here at Cornerstone, we have a lot of serving opportunities. If you would like to help with this month's core value and be part of reaching the community with us, here are some ways to get started. 

Ways to serve at church

  • Community Garden - Volunteer HERE!
  • Food Pantry - Volunteer HERE!
  • Hot Dog Ministry - Volunteer HERE!
  • Childcare Volunteer - Volunteer HERE!

Serve in you personal life

  • Clean a friend's yard 
  • Share a word of encouragement with a clerk 
  • Stick up for someone being bullied 
  • Visit someone in the nursing home


Some would agree that having spiritual songs play in the background while praying gives you a better flow and keeps you in the moment. Well we've provided a list of songs just to help you with that. Use these songs while praying our prayer points or for your personal prayer time. 

Main song focus for Last Wednesday Prayer

This song emphasizes on the great things that happen when the church prays. As you listen, keep them in mind. 

"When We Pray" - Tauren Wells. Click HERE for video.

Additional Songs

"For the one" - Click HERE for video.

"Fill me up" - Click HERE for video

"Here's my heart" - Click HERE for video. 


As you pray and participate in the take action opportunities each month, we at CFC will like to see what you are doing. Share your prayer and take action stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag - #praywithcfc

The best post/created media will be featured on our social media platforms and website. Happy posting! 

Share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, post a picture and share a story on how you prayed/served. This month's hashtags are #praywithcfc and #cfcserve

Do you enjoy praying with us?

Do you enjoy our Last Wednesday prayer times and will like to pray more with us? Below are a few things going on at CFC that you can get connected to.